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Transfer acceleration that doesn’t break the bank

Today’s media files are massive and growing everyday. Post-Production companies, Broadcasters, Film studios and VFX houses have businesses that rely on having the ability to quickly and reliably transfer media across the globe. This enables collaboration, review and approve, and distribution of their work. MASV is dedicated to making media file movement easy and affordable for everyone.

MASV Accelerator


MASV Accelerator is a simple piece of software that optimizes your WAN and maximizes your internet transfer speeds. Install MASV Accelerator on your servers, desktops, or laptops and it will enable you to get the most out of any network you are connected to. Best of all, it instantly integrates with your existing apps and is only required on the sending device.

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MASV Move is the easiest and most reliable way to move massive files to other people anywhere in the world; no software or hardware required.  MASV Move only needs a browser and internet connection. We handle the hard networking stuff to make the file transfer fast while you focus on producing beautiful media.

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The Problems with Dedicated File Movement Solutions

For many IT organizations, moving large amounts of data between locations is a daily occurrence. Many different needs drive this data movement including: Data backup and archiving Supporting remote offices and users Sending large files to partners and customers...

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FTP Software Overview

FTP software, what is it used for? FTP programmes are used everywhere for downloading large files from the Internet, to transfer large files between computers on an intranet or to upload files to the cloud or a remote server. FTP software enables (reasonably) fast and...

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