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Affordable Transfer Acceleration

Masv Accelerator is just as fast as industry leading acceleration solutions, considerably easier to deploy, and is priced affordably requiring no upfront CAPEX costs.


Works With Your Existing Apps

You already have tools like FTP servers, S3 storage, workflow apps and MAM’s you use to manage your files.  MASV Accelerator installs and optimizes your existing apps instantly, without requiring any code changes or configuration.


No API Required

Unlike our competitors, our solution optimizes TCP vs. UDP.  The major advantage is that we are only required on the sending device and not required on the receiving device. This means that you can optimize your network speed to or from any MAM, Cloud, FTP Server or any device without being installed on the receiving end.

How MASV Accelerator Works

MASV Accelerator is a network driver or kernel module that installs like a regular software application. MASV Accelerator inserts itself and overrides your native TCP stack deploying a series of optimizations including a better congestion control algorithm, improved bandwidth probing functions, and more.

MASV Accelerator tunes TCP on a per connection basis, depending on the network characteristics and loss patterns, in order to maximize your bandwidth usage and reduce the impact of network congestion.

MASV Accelerator is available for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. If you would like to dive deeper into how our technology works, download our technology overview white paper on the right.

Technology Overview


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Move Media Faster

Unlike the other guys, we don’t make theoretical and mostly outlandish claims about the speed improvements our transfer optimization technology provides. In real world networks your speed depends on network congestion, send and receive window sizes, computing resources and other factors that are unique to your environment.

We can tell you, however, based on real world network testing, that we see improvements of 1.5X – 10X transfer rates compared to regular TCP. The best way to understand how MASV Accelerator will help your workflow is by trialing our software and testing your targeted use case. 

No File Size or Bandwidth Limits

MASV Accelerator optimizes all TCP flows from the device that it is installed on. We don’t restrict your file size or bandwidth. Our pricing model is based on a per device cost so our profits grow with the growth of your organization and you don’t have to keep upgrading your systems to support that growth. It’s a simple one-size-fits-all model that we believe is fair for all people involved.


The Industries Easiest Deployment

MASV Accelerator installs like any other software application you install on your computer or server. If you are looking to improve upload speeds from the field, simply install MASV Accelerator on your laptop. If you would like to optimize all traffic over your office WAN, install MASV Accelerator on commodity hardware and front-end your network. If you are looking to improve your Cloud Server or FTP Server download or streaming rates, install MASV Accelerator on those servers and all download transfer rates will be optimized.

As a TCP optimization solution we are in a unique position to only be required on the sending device versus UDP solutions which need to be deployed on both the sending and receiving device. This makes deployment as easy as possible.

Robust Transfer Analytics

MASV Accelerator comes included with a SaaS dashboard that allows for easy user management and in-depth transfer flow reporting. All TCP flows are monitored with key information recorded to our cloud based analytics database.

You can access information on the number of files sent, upload data, download data, latency, transfer time, bitrates, IP addresses and ports by device. See exactly how your data flows and forecast data requirements for future growth.

Integrates Everywhere Instantly

MASV Accelerator optimizes the native TCP stack on any device it is installed on.  That means regardless of the destination, all TCP traffic is optimized.  UDP solutions require custom API integrations with MAM’s, public clouds, and cloud services to be able to accelerate traffic to those destinations.  

MASV Accelerator does this out of the box to all destinations and, best of all, you can continue using the methods (FTP clients, HTTP form uploaders, etc.) your team is already proficient with.


MASV Accelerator performs layer 2 to layer 4 header inspection and does not require inspection of layer 4 payload data. In layman’s terms, our network driver functions below the application layer of your networking stack and does not need to see or manage the user data that is being transmitted.  

If you are sending your data using secure means, MASV Accelerator does nothing to detract from that level of security.  Our driver is HLK certified by Microsoft for Windows and the relevant signing certificates are also in use for OS X and Linux.

Supports All TCP Based Protocols

TCP is how the majority of internet traffic is transmitted and is the most commonly expected type of traffic for networks to receive. Here are the relevant TCP based protocols that MASV Accelerator optimizes:

  • HTTP(S)
  • RDP
  • Rsync, scp
  • RTMP

Instead of dealing with the overhead of changing protocols, MASV Accelerator optimizes TCP more efficiently than UDP solutions, allowing for the maximum throughput.

Automatically Scalable

MASV Accelerator has conducted lab and real world tests for connections up to 10 Gbps.  Our congestion control algorithm is capable of handling even the largest network speeds with an emphasis on consuming the least amount of compute resources as possible.


Who we typically work with

  • Production / Post-Production companies
  • VFX Companies
  • Broadcasters
  • Enterprises
  • Media Asset Management Providers (OEM)
  • Storage Providers (OEM)
  • Backup & Restore Providers (OEM)

Optimal Use Cases

  • Wan optimization for your office or data center
  • Field uploads from unreliable networks (starbucks, airports, etc.)
  • Download acceleration from FTP or cloud servers
  • Upload acceleration to FTP or cloud servers
  • Streaming acceleration from cloud servers
  • Data replication or syncronization to branch offices

We have been searching for a method to improve our upload speeds to various clients. MASV Accelerator has proven to be a fast, reliable technology with no server overhead that is helping our work in numerous ways. Whether it be file transfer, video streaming or remote support, MASV Accelerator has proven to be a service that does more than just accelerate our uploads and downloads for clients. It also helps us to monitor and optimize our day-to-day work. Colour me impressed!

Bill Christie

IT Guy, Affinity Productions

We have used MASV Accelerator to transfer large files like Adobe Illustrator, client presentations and videos. These files can be huge, and in addition our clients, vendors and partners can be anywhere around the globe. With MASV Accelerator’s ability to transfer these files significantly faster, it feels like the files are being exchanged with someone who is next door. We believe this capability to iterate more frequently and in much more compressed timeframes gives Kenna an edge.

Paul Quigley

COO, Kenna Group

There is this product we are using, called MASV Accelerator. It works on the receiving end so we are trying to have a poor mans Aspera on our plain old FTP server if you will. Our clients are getting 3X the download speeds from our FTP servers. So far so good.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

Brian Krusick

IT Consultant, Logan TV

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