Brandable Portals

Brandable upload portals to receive files fast from the field

Pay as you go pricing

Pay only for the data you transfer, with no contracts, no subscriptions and no usage commitments.  You pay for the data sent to you through your portals at $0.15 per GB and you can easily track senders & costs through your History, to bill clients back.

Custom branded portals

Create as many transfer portals as you like. Choose a custom sub-domain, add your project or company logo and background image. Enter your notification email address and optionally set an access code. Portals allows you to control how your users experience your brand.

No plugins, no headaches

Installing a UDP browser plugin adds friction to content ingestion: the sender must be able to install software, open firewall ports, configure security software, or get help from IT. Simplify your upload process with Portals, while automatically maximizing upload speed over our fast global cloud.

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