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MASV uses a unique pricing model enabling you to pay-as-you-go. We believe this best suits media professionals who have project based businesses. For larger business we offer plans that fit within your budget and provide predictable billing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our model is unique in the industry so it’s only natural to have questions. If you don’t see your question answered below please reach out and we will answer it within minutes.

How are my pay-as-you-go charges calculated?

We charge based on the amount of data uploaded multiplied by the number of recipients. You can send to as many recipients as you would like. Ex. 100GB sent to 10 recipients = $150.

Is there a monthly fee?

For our pay-as-you-go option, there is no monthly fee. This means you can send 500 GB one month and be charged $75 then send nothing the next month and be charged $0.

When do I get billed?

You get billed for the previous months usage on the last day of the month.  You are not charged on a per upload basis the charges are added up and billed on the last day of the month.

How do charges work with portals?

Portals allow you to receive files from others and pay for the transfer costs through your account.  If a user uploads a deliver through your portal we will charge that delivery to your account at the same rate of sending files ($0.15 per GB).

How do I see the cost for each transfer?

We display the cost on the second screen of the upload process before you send your package. You can also review the cost of previously sent packages in your history section.

What is your delivery guarantee?

We stand by our product and our claims. If for any reason within our control a delivery is delayed or messes up your schedule we will refund the full cost of the delivery immediately.

Can I bill back my clients for the cost?

We make it really easy to bill your clients by the cost that their deliveries caused your business.  Just go into the history section, select your date range, and copy the table then paste into a spreadsheet so you can break out the cost per client.

Am I charged if a recipient doesn't download the file?

Our charges are based on data uploaded multiplied by the number of recipients, so yes the charge does still apply if your recipient does not download the delivery. We are always open to applying credits for deliveries that were unsuccessful if you reach out to us on chat.

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